4S Distributing is a redistribution company of many brands and is in no way a manufacturer of those brands. We here at 4S Distributing are on allocation with several manufacturers. We will try our best to return to normal business activity as things improve.


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4S Distributing

“Superior Service, Supplies and Satisfaction”


Over a decade, 4S Distributing has provided Hand Protection to Medical, Dental, EMS & Industrial professionals. As a Veteran Owned and Family Operated business, we understand our customers need for Superior Quality Latex, Nitrile, Vinyl and Industrial gloves.

With the Medical, Dental, EMS & Industrial industries growing, 4S Distributing is growing with them. 4S Distributing is increasing its disposable products and Barrier Protection scope to fulfill their needs for these items.

We continually strive to find manufacturers that exceed our high integrity standards in barrier protection, allowing our customers to select the right barrier protection for their requirements.

Our customers are our top priority. Superior Service, Supplies and Satisfaction is our goal. Barrier Protection when you need it the most, think 4S Distributing.